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Audit and Training

Audit and Training

  • Our Approach

    With a comprehensive range of inspection services, we can help you better manage risk from product design to store shelf. And we can provide you with technical support to develop your inspections program in a way that can help to minimize risks and costs. Each different type of inspection we offer has a specific objective and benefit. All work together to monitor the quality of products throughout production and shipping. We can work with you to select and customize a program that best meets your needs.

    •  Raw Material Incoming: This is an inspection of raw materials prior to production to verify that the quality specifications for materials are being met. Early in the production process, this inspection can help minimize wasted time, material costs and delayed shipment if specifications are not being met.
    •  Initial Production: With many production processes, much of the production set up is done at the front end to allow the review of product quality requirements before mass production begins. Verifying first run quality requirements can help product consistency and minimize wasted time, scrap product, rework and shipping delays.
    •  During Production: This inspection validates the initial production process has been maintained and that goods being produced continue to meet quality requirements. In the case of new raw materials, new operators, production lines or specification changes, this service can assess if requirements are being met during production.
    •  Final Random: This inspection takes place prior to shipment and assesses whether final product meets all quality specifications (i.e., color, workmanship, label, function, fit, packaging of product, etc.) and can be shipped without delay. The objective of this inspection is to identify any quality defects that would prevent shipment of inadequate product.