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Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

  • EMC Laboratory

    At this time science develops rapidly. It encourages also the development of technological progress in the field of electronics such as household products, audio-video, and ITE. Advances in technology can provide convenience for people in the activity But unwittingly electronics products that generate electromagnetic waves that can interfere with other products in the vicinity and can be a negative impact for our bodies. So that the electronic product must have a good quality in terms of performance, safety or the influence of electromagnetic waves generated from electronic products.

     Today PT Qualis Indonesia has EMC laboratory to support the electronic industry in Indonesia for EMC testing is test of EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) and EMS (Electromagnetic Susceptibility) base on SNI standard  and  international standard

  • EMC testing parameters available in PT. Qualis Indonesia

    • Conducted Emission
    • Radiated Emission 
    • Radiated Emission with loop antenna
    • Harmonic Current Emission
    • Flicker
    • Electrostatic Discharge
    • Radiated Immunity
    • Fast Transient / Burst
    • Surge
    • Conducted Immunity
    • Voltage Dips, Short Interruptions and Voltage Variations Immunity
    • Harmonic and Interharmonics Immunity Test